About us


We are a South African and Dutch team with a unique mix of ex au pairs, host moms and moms of ex au pairs. 

Lize’s au pair year was a great success and the best investment in herself.

After a few years of working for different companies she decided to go solo and start her own au pair agency.

She is the owner of The Au Pair and the main point of contact in The Netherlands.


The Au Pair is an agency with a personal approach. 

  • A personal service, based on own experience 
  • Home in the Dutch and South African culture 
  • A unique service package 
  • Help from start to finish


Liz du Toit

Hanlie snyman

Annette Kruger

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Liz du Toit was an agency owner herself and after a brief exit she decided to become the advisor and agent of The Au Pair

Hanlie Snyman was an au pair and Dutch student. Now she runs her own practice as successful educational psychologist.

Annette Kruger Annette is our administrative right hand in The Netherlands. She is a mother of 3 daughters.

We truly believe that an au pair can make a difference.
From our own experience we know that, when done right, an au pair can make a difference in a child’s life. And the other way around. However, a year on your own abroad won’t always be easy. In fact, at times it will be very hard. but with proper guidance we will help you through the rough times. We do our best to make sure that you, together with your fellow au pairs, will love the experience of learning a new language and culture.

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